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Traditional Programs

Educating the whole student is the goal of all degree programs at SCU.  Students can select from several different academic programs as they pursue a bachelor degree.  Each program extends the strong foundation that every student receives in their general education and religious literacy coursework.  This three-fold, Christ-centered curriculum provides the whole education necessary for each graduate to excel in their future lives and careers.


The programs of study, leading to the various degrees at SCU, build upon a common core of general education courses. The ability to understand human behavior, to evaluate the thinking of others, and to communicate one’s own thoughts clearly is essential for competence in Christian ministry. Thus, the general education courses required in each of the programs broaden the student’s scope of inquiry into the knowledge of humanity and the world.


All of SCU's baccalaureate programs provide adequate foundation for graduate work.



School of Adult and Online Education

Online_Students.jpgThe School of Adult and Online Education at SCU offers both online and on-campus bachelor’s degree programs designed specifically to meet the needs of working adults. The online Bachelor of Professional Leadership degree integrates Southwestern Christian Universities fundamental of emphasis of a biblically informed curriculum. This program also contrasts a Christian worldview with prominent business principles allowing graduates of this program to lead within their communities from Christ-centered perspective of servant-leadership in any of the following four concentrations, which are offered entirely online:

The School of Adult and Online Education at SCU also offers on-campus bachelors degree programs:


School of Arts and Sciences

The mission of the School of Arts and Sciences at SCU is to provide a foundation for all degree programs and offer opportunities for students to develop competencies in critical thinking, servant leadership, and literacy integrated into a life of faith.


School of Education and Sport Studies

The School of Education and Sports Studies offer exciting degree programs to prepare graduates for their professional careers as they facilitate learning and model Christ. The essence of our Christian mission is supported by a strong commitment to preparing competent, caring, reflective, and qualified educators. SCU emphasizes the integration of subject matter, clinical experiences, and pedagogical knowledge as demonstrated by caring actions, service in the field, and teaching skills. The Department of Sport Studies desires to instill in its students a lifetime goal of helping others enhance their total health through human movement and recreational pursuits. Christian behaviors and perspective will be emphasized in all course offerings and activities. Curriculum is designed to equip students to be productive and successful in a variety of career pursuits.


School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Are you looking for an educational experience that is academic,  innovative and cutting edge? If so, consider our Graduate School experience. Our graduates serve in various places throughout the world as missionaries, pastors, conference officials and business professionals.  We can tailor your degree program to your calling.


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