Social Services

Bachelor's of Professional Leadership: Social Service Concentration

Social ServicesThe main purpose of the Social Service Concentration is to prepare students for acceptance into a graduate program in Psychology. Students will earn enough credit hours to lay the foundation necessary for admission into a graduate program and licensure for Professional Counseling.


Upon completion of this program, you can seek employment opportunities in geriatric centers, correctional facilities, child and adolescent care facilities, and many more settings in the field of human and family services. Specific careers can include family program management, social services worker, and child welfare and services aide.


Courses in the Bachelor of Professional Leadership – Social Services Concentration include: Introduction to Counseling, Social Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency, Cultural Anthropology, Developmental Psychology, Crises Intervention, and Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency.

In addition to providing you with specialized business leadership courses, we incorporate relevant Bible lessons such as the Life & Leadership of David, Romans, and Principles of Biblical Interpretation, and Commerce, Culture, and Christianity to help you maintain your faith in your future career.


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