Hear what actual students are saying about finishing online college at Southwestern Christian University!

  • I have never been the type of person to start something and not finish it. That is why I want to finish my education and get my Bachelor’s degree in business. I know that with my hands on experience and the knowledge that I will obtain going to Southwestern Christian University, the sky’s the limit for me. With this combination I only see myself running my own successful business, or working in a fortune 500 hundred company.”
    Business Degree
    Rafael T., Business Student

  • I have the knowledge of his word, but getting an education would put me in a position where people will know I’m serious about my faith and ministry. I know what to say to encourage people but an education makes all the difference. I’ve prayed for a long time for guidance to know that I’m making the right decision and God has shown me the way and has proven this is the right thing for me. I’ve put it off for so long but it never leaves me. I feel as if there is something else I need to accomplish in my life. I am ready to spread his word to the world.”
    Christian Leadership
    Rosemary H., Christian Leadership Student

  • I have no more doubt about God and His plan for me. That is why, regardless, of what the outcome is with this, I will be okay. If God has other plans for me, returning to school will be blocked one way or another. But if school is where God wants me, I trust He will work out the kinks. I will just keep doing the footwork and allowing God to open amazing insight and opportunities which I can use to glorify Him.”
    Church Leadership
    Mandy S., Social Services Student

  • I was inspired to get a Degree in Social Work and a Certificate in Ministry based on the fact that I have a desire to help people. I know that counseling people in a psychological manner can be ineffective if we do not have the spiritual revelation also. God has blessed us with the Holy Spirit to be guided into all truth, and there is no better helper. I know with the educational and spiritual knowledge I will be able to help people in a more profound way. I know to do that effectively I need to earn my degree also. It is very important to me that the people that come to me can trust I have the educational background required and the love of God shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost.”
    Daisha N., Social Services Student

  • Before I signed up for classes, I was depressed, angry, overwhelmed and in a constant state of doubt, worried about what tomorrow would bring. And what else in my life could go wrong. Then I got a phone call from an Angel. I didn’t know this young lady from anywhere, but she was so kind and her words were so encouraging that I decided to do something. Since that phone call, I have been waking up everyday excited, motivated and ready to embrace and enjoy my life butt on a whole new level. I’ve replaced my worrying with action and I’m already seeing the results! I’m doing a happy dance now because my joy has been restored. I no longer dwell on the things I can not change because I’m way too busy changing the things I can.”
    Online Students
    Angela I., Social Services Student

  • Between work, social life and study is not going to be easy, but with the Lord on my side, dedicated instructors from SWCU to guide me, commitment, dedication and all that is expected of a student, I look forward to the future as a professional Social Worker He designed me to be.”
    Social Services Online
    Thelma T., Social Services Student

  • My ambition is aimed at helping women and children who are indigent and who are looking for spiritual guidance. After speaking with the Student Admission Support Specialist and obtaining the history of SWCU, I know this is the right path to take. Attending SWCU and completing my educational goal in becoming a Social Worker, will open up the door towards new horizons and give me an opportunity to accomplish my lifelong dream and that is to be a help to others.”
    Social Services Major
    Kathy A., Social Services Student

  • I am very excited in the consideration from your school to be your next student. I have been blessed to watch as my mother, one of your former student and graduates enjoyed her schooling there .I think this was one of my greatest motivations for wanting to attend your school. She seems to enjoy the small setting and the encouragement from the staff of professors. I feel that with more studies and gaining more knowledge of the word of God I will do better for the body of Christ.”
    Online Christian College
    Stephanie J., Social Services Student

  • I have a goal to own my own business that provides shelter and education for those who are in need. I find that Southwestern Christian University will assist me in reaching my goals. I do not want a run of the mill education. I know that in order to have a Christ centered business I must have a Christ centered approach. A Christ centered education that teaches a Biblical approach to business is necessary. I believe I will get this education through SCU.”
    Become a Pastor
    Jeffrey S., Business Student

  • I plan to graduate with a Bachelors’ degree in business management and to be able to either run my own business or work for a steady income based company. Returning to school here at SW CU will be the best choice for me and my family. With it being a Christian based school, i believe it will be a very comfortable and positive working environment.”
    Online Pastor School
    Melvin P., Business Student

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